Thursday, January 26, 2006

5 Hábitos Extraños

Gracias, Popuuuuuu!

Instrucciones: el primer jugador inicia su mensaje con el título “5 extraños hábitos tuyos”. Las personas que son invitadas a escribir un mensaje en su respectivo blog a propósito de sus extraños hábitos, deben también indicar claramente este reglamento. Al final, se debe elegir 5 nuevas personas que lo continúen en su blog, así como dejarles un comentario en su blog con el aviso “Has sido elegido”.

Okei, let's see ...

1) Me gusta olerme las manos después de fumarme un cigarrillo. Sonará un poco nasty, pero el olor dela nicotina mezclado con el olor natural de mis manos (usualmente imperceptible para mí) me gusta, inclusive me tranquiiliza.

2) Jaja, aqui voy a vender un secreto mío: Me pongo en Busy en MSN casi siempre. Aunq no esté ocupada. Usualmente es para evitar que todo el mundo me caiga encima. El q me tenga q decir algo importante o el que me tenga confianza, me va a hablar eniweis. Para lo demás usualmente no tengo paciencia.
OJO: a veces SI estoy ocupada ... so nadie aqui tiene la excusa para irse en un rant en contra mía

3) Cuando estoy sola, no puedo comer sin leer algo, aunq sea el papel que ponen sobre las bandejas en los fast foods. Si no, no como bien, no sé, para mí es como si no hubiese comido. Fin del asunto.

4) Para que una canción me guste de verdad tengo q haber pasado por el proceso de que me gustara tanto q la pusiera en loop por lo menos dos veces. A veces las canciones que me gustan no las oigo más de una vez y aunque me gustan, no se van a quedar quemadas en mi memoria. Las que sí, tienen q pasar por el loop (y últimamente es tanto lo q oigo nuevo para mí, q es alarmante, tanta cosa q me gusta y me olvido )

5) Desde que se me pegó el "Qué mal!" hace casi dos años, no lo he soltado .... Maldicióooon a los de FA!


Mis escogidos para continuar este showwww de locuras y hábitos extraños:

Mrs. Doe AKA Loudovika AKA Ileana

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another long-ass survey

Ultimate Survey (377 questions long)
time started:3:42PM
full name:Diana M. C.
nickname(s):Diani, Bebe, Di
birthday:March 8, 1978
where were you born:Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
zodiac sign:Pisces
weight:approx. 150 lbs
hair color:brown
eye color:brown
shoe size:US 8
ring size:middle finger = 7
skin type (freckles, tan, albino, etc.):pale, yellowish tones
blood type:O+
grade:College Graduate (BA)
siblings:2 younger (1 brother, 1 sister)
tattoos:3 (neck, upper back, lower back)
piercings:7 (including 2 plugs)
hobbies:writing (blogging), reading, watching movies, taking photographs of everything I find interesting, surfing the internet, spending time with my loved ones
color:purple, black, red
food:prosciutto or serrano ham
candy:dark chocolate
type of cheese:Swiss
pizza topping:pepperonni
salad dressing:caesar
sandwich:almost anything with bacon, hold the mustard and the pickles
cereal:Honey Bunches of Oats (Post)
fruit:granny apples (green, sour)
berry:maraschino cherries
book:Del Amor y Otros Demonios (Gabriel García Marquez)
movie:Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
newspaper:I get my news on, or
tv show:ALIAS
website: (I spend too much time there)
radio station:WRTU ( for streaming)
font:Century Gothic
cartoon character:Woodstock (from Charles Schulz's Peanuts)
artist (painter):Salvador Dali
actor:Gary Oldman
actress:Jodie Foster
cd:Vespertine - Bjork
song:"Triumph of a Heart" - Bjork
music group:Bjork (duh!)
music type:electronica/experimental
day of the week:Friday
shampoo:Physique Straight Formula (discontinued)
phrase:"¡Qué mal!"
restaurant:Ferrari Gourmet or Bistro Pizza
channel:Comedy Central
teacher:Mariyo (a teacher I had for some years when I was a little kid. She was awesome!)
weekend activity:Vegging out by day, partying by night, getting to bed ridiculously late
hangout:Wherever my loved ones are
house color:yellow
sport to watch:diving
sport to play:swimming (which I do in the most mediocre manner)
guy's name:Alejandro
girl's name:Adriana
board game:Risk / Life / Scrabble
party game:Drinking Domino
story from childhood:I always like to tell how I behaved with the household puppies
body part:hands
have you ever
been on a train:yes
been on a plane:yes
been in a car accident:yes (minor accident)
caused a car accident:yes (minor accident)
run into a wall:yes
burned a potato chip:no
almost burned the house down:I DID burn the house down
been drunk:yes
been high:yes
broken the law:yes
burned a cd (if yes, the one above is yes):yes
kissed someone of the opposite sex:yes
kissed someone of the same sex:yes
frenched an animal:no
made out:yes
had cyber sex:yes
gotten engaged:yes (and broken the engagement too)
had an online relationship:yes (very short-lived)
been rejected by a crush:yes
made yourself cry to get out of trouble:yes
cried in public:yes
cried over a movie:yes
fallen asleep in a movie theater:no
given someone a bath:yes
been to a boarding school:no
been home-schooled:no
lost a valuable item:yes
bungee jumped:no
met the president:no
met a celebrity:yes (Ricky Martin, pre-famous phase)
gotten a cavity:yes
shopped at abercrombie & fitch:no
made a prank call:yes
skipped school:yes
faked sick to get out of school:yes
purchased something that you knew didn't fit:no
climbed a tree:yes
fallen from a tree:no
broken a bone:no
sprained anything:no
passed out:no
made yourself pass out:yes
been to disney world:yes
been to a theme park (not disney):yes
said i love you and meant it (not to a relative):yes
made a model volcano (working model):no
made a clover leaf with your tounge:no (but my sister can)
what did you do yesterday:Work (and have a dreary day)
memory you miss the most:Having my father neraby
memory you want to forget:There's nothing I want to forget. All memories serve a purpose.
something you regretted after it was done:... I can't tell (there is only one thing)
the last
song you heard:"The Power of Orange Knickers" - Tori Amos
cd you bought:it's been a long time since I spent money on an album
thing you said:I was talking to my mom (can't remember, I guess it was "Bye")
time you cried:last thursday
movie seen in a theater:A History of Violence
thing you ate:an oatmeal cookie
person who called:Mom
nail polish shade worn:pink (i think)
time you showered:last night
person who complimented you:Ezequiel
at this moment
what are you listening to:silence
what are you wearing:brown, stretchy bell-bottom pants ; burgundy, long-sleeved shirt
what are you thinking:I want out! 45 mins to go!
what are you scared of most:loneliness
how many people are on your buddy list:30 something
occupation:hopefully I'll be able to do freelance photography or jewelry design
marriage site:Not getting married
honeymoon:Not getting married
place to live:Spain (wishful thinking?)
kids:NO! Dogs dogs dogs!
car:I hope I can someday ditch the car and start using massive transportation
what are you doing tomorrow:Work again
do you think george bush will be reelected:Hopefully never again (if that happens, the US will deserve a thousand Katrinas more)
will there be a wwIII:yes, but not the way WWII was carried out
will politics ever be truthful:not while capitalism is the system of power
will humanity snuff itself out:most surely, we already started
can the gov. be changed:yes
best friend:Ezequiel
funniest:there are a few still fighting over this title
best secret keeper:Ezequiel
worst secret keeper:Alvin
the one you have but don't want:this is one very un-PC question
most hyper:Alysha
biggest pervert:Leo
most annyoing:un-PC
most religious:I think I have no religious friends
do you believe in
spirit (soul):yes
love at first sight:no
love in general:yes
who and when was your first crush:my first BIG crush was Jorge Esteban. I was 10.
any now:yes, a few
a celebrity crush:Jennifer Connelly (for years now)
who do you want to be with right now:I am with who I want to be with
whos number do you want:Not telling
who do you want to kiss:A few people
what is something you dont understand about the opposite sex:I think I have an acceptable grasp on the male psyche.
if you could go on a date with anybody, who would it be:Ezequiel will always be the perfect date
on scale of one to ten, how romantic are you:I don't know, it depends
first thing noticed about the opposite sex:the eyes
what do you look for personality-wise:wit, intelligence, a good sense of humor
biggest turn on:like-minded people with strength enough to defend their standpoints
biggest turn off:stupidity, sheep mindsets
something thay weat that turns you on:a beautiful smile
something they wear that turns you off:clean-cut, hyper-trendy clothes
the most romantic thing you want to happen to you:Already did, can't get any better
the most romantic thing that has happened to you:A half-drunken kiss ina friend's darkened room
what do you wear on a coffee date:jeans, shirt, whatever
is it right to flirt if you're taken:yes
is cyber cheating:depends
are eyes the passegeway to the soul:only if you're perceptive enough
who would you like to take to the prom:prom passed 10 years ago, very underwhelming production
do you want to hug somebody right now:yes
do you know what an aphrodisiac is:yes
mellow:Sigur Ros in my headphones under a tree on a windy day
melancholy:the top of a slide in a park next to the woods
the perfect date:An outing in which your brain is exhilarated, not befuddled
the perfect mate:one who is your equal and knows and respects that
how m&m's are made:Little birds take a dump and then an elf pukes over the oval turds
why manhole covers are round:because the pipes under the holes are round too
one or the other
coke/pepsi:coke (only 'cuz water wasn't an option)
sprite/7-up:Sprite (Zero)
boxers/briefs:boxer-briefs (yummy! >-) )
book/magazine:if they're good, it's readable
tv/radio:if it's good, any will do
glass half empty/half full:half a glass
colored pencils/markers:colored pencils (GOOD quality)
day/night:sunset >> night
cotton/feather pillow:cotton
long distance relationship/none:none
mechanical/regular pencil:mechanical
that 70's show/simpsons:simpsons
romeo/juliet:both were total idiots
romantic comedy/thriller:thriller
peanut butter/jelly:peanut butter
florida/california:Don't know (only visited FL)
football/rugby:same to me
iceskating/blading:ice skating
movie at home/in theater:in theatre
first thing you think of when you hear
red lipstick:creamy
moulin rouge:Nicole Kidman
greenland:the shape of Greenland
harry potter:cute! ^_^
red:puzzle piece
rose:stinky flower
bill clinton:good times at USA
whipped cream:sex
george w. bush:AGHHHH!
love:that warm fuzzy feeling
south park:cartman
boy bands:"oh jeez!"
girls:pink skirts
junk mail:email
dairy:cow milk
panties:skid mark
your father:i miss him
pizza:melted cheese
britney spears:green costume
vitamin:little clear pills
are you
sad:some days
bitchy:only when I'm PMS-ing
crazy:a bit
messy:some may say that
mad:We're all mad in here
slacker:some days
preppy:I dont think so
giving:when I want to
obsessive:depends on the subject
violent:I can be
calm:most of the time
peaceful:that's my goal
mellow:yeah, right now, I am
eccentric:you could say that
caring:to most people surrounding me
untrustworthy:no, I can keep a secret (and I try to keep my promises)
what color is your jacket:green
do you shave:yes
where:legs, armpits, bikini zone
what color is your razor:aqua
what size is your bed:queen
what color crayon would you be:forest green
what are the last four digits of you phone number:2224
feelings on abortion:very mixed, i think women have the right to choose, but I wouldn't do it because I believe there is a second life involved
how lond does it take you to shower:10 - 30 minutes
what does your screenname mean:my name + goddes (in hindu, i think)
thoughts on blonde pop stars in general:they're blonde and the can't sing/act/write worth shit (but that applies to most pop stars anyways)
who so you trust the most:Ezequel
is cussing a necessity in life:yes
how about coffee:YES
is the world screwed:yes and it's humanity's fault
what something you cant live without:air, water, food, love
what time did you fall asleep:usually at about 12 or 1AM
know what 69 means:YES
how about 143:no :-S
can you live without a microwave:yes
what do think about death:it's a natural process
where and when do you want to be married:no
do you want to drop out of school:i never did, and i want to go back
why is the sky blue:it's light refracting through the oxygen in the ozone layer
what is a good trait about yourself:i'm open-minded
what do you always think about:what's coming up next? what's worth looking forward to?
what is wrong with your school:nothing was except for infrastructure issues
what is right with your school:i think some education issues should be re-evaluated in the whole system
how do you react to change:i try to adapt, but it takes some time for me
do you talk to yourself:sometimes
what is your opinion on love:it's a chemical reaction, or maybe a bond formed by time and habit, but it still feels beautiful and terrible at the same time
can you afford to lose weight:OH YES PLEASE!
what color would you dye your hair:ANY color! even BLUE, I'd love to try!
best thing anyones told you:That my smile lights up everything around me
what is your reaction to someone telling you you're hot:i blush and refuse to accept it, i don't think i'm hot
does being psycho appeal to you:no
if you wrote a book, what would it be about:my life
what would you change your name to:Adriana
longest crush lasted how long:Where does the crush end and the love begin?
tme finished:4:50PM
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Saturday, October 08, 2005

... well... maybe you've noticed the lack of posts here in lieu of a certain amount of attention transferred to another place. Maybe not (I still don't know how many people read my blog, still I like to explain myself to most when it comes to a change in blogging behavior).

First I discovered: It's a page in which you develop your profile according to the things you want to do with your life. Then the page indexes your goals and you can see other people who want to do the same things as you (plus make comments on them or "Cheer" their goals, etc etc etc). I find the concept wonderful, although the place hasn't been much of a time-waster (except for the initial posts). The site also includes an easy link to (here you can profile the places you've been and the places you want to go).

You may see my profile at :-D

Then came a big hit, a site I swore to never sign into. My Space. A site into which I'd say a whole fuckload of dipshits are registering with a myriad of objectives in mind: finding a number of booty calls (or finding the one [bootycall], specially delusional young women with Hello Kitty/flowery/butterfly/color stars backgrounds and a menagerie of pop stars in their Music section). Another **commendable** objective is stating their popularity status (this should be more obvious once you know where these idiots are coming from... is a community filled with such idiots). And so on and so forth... then there are the people registering to plug their bands/products/films/writings. These, to me, are much less irritating than the first types. As a matter of fact, I find it makes the place interesting and lively, bustling with more neurons in one single band page (if it's a good one) than the whole of personal "popularity/matchmaking/friend-seeking" profiles can muster together.

I just got hooked into the compartmentalized feel to the profile, and the app that runs the blog reminds me of, back in the days before some biggo company absorbed the site and sent the original users packing. I might be camping there more than I'm camping here, so here I am, extending the invitatioin to YOU (yeah, you, whoever you are, I really doubt you're more than ... 4 ... in total .... if you're more, kudos to my blog for getting more audience than me) to drop into my profile (and perhaps registering in? Just keep away from gothy-lolita/cutesy backgrounds, please ... they are annoying as HELL!)

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

... ditz mode ... sorry ...

Your Nail Polish Color is Black

How you're unique: There's nothing about you that isn't unique

Why your style rocks: You are a total indie chick... and you can pull it off

What this color says about you: "I'm a trendsetter and don't care what anyone else is doing!"

Friday, September 30, 2005

Birthday:March 8, 1978
Birthplace:Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Current Location:Santurce, Puerto Rico
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown (w/gray hairs)
Right Handed or Left Handed:right handed
Your Heritage:Mixbreed (Puerto Rican + German + Colombian + Spanish)
The Shoes You Wore Today:brown mary-jane-style shoes (big, bulky)
Your Weakness:anything Blythe
Your Fears:loneliness, oblivion, routine
Your Perfect Pizza:pepperonni + extra cheese
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:begin my studies again (in art or languages)
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:"¬_¬"
Thoughts First Waking Up:snooze!/i wanna sleep more!/i overslept!
Your Best Physical Feature:hair
Your Bedtime:11PM - 1AM
Your Most Missed Memory:being 6 years old
Pepsi or Coke:none, i don't do soda
MacDonalds or Burger King:none, i try to avoid junk food
Single or Group Dates:depends on the mood
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:they all taste too similar for me to discern
Chocolate or Vanilla:both + strawberry (Neapolitan! YUM!)
Cappuccino or Coffee:coffee
Do you Smoke:yes
Do you Swear:on occasion
Do you Sing:only when I'm pretty much alone
Do you Shower Daily:yes
Have you Been in Love:yes
Do you want to go to College:i've been there, a trip back would be very welcome
Do you want to get Married:not necessary
Do you belive in yourself:yes (but it's not easy)
Do you get Motion Sickness:rarely
Do you think you are Attractive:no
Are you a Health Freak:not really (I SMOKE, for gossakes!)
Do you get along with your Parents:yes (i try, but my mom is not easy)
Do you like Thunderstorms:YES!
Do you play an Instrument:i wish!
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:some
In the past month have you Smoked:yes
In the past month have you been on Drugs:i WISH!
In the past month have you gone on a Date:yes
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:unfortunately
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:NO!
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:YUCK!
In the past month have you been on Stage:no
In the past month have you been Dumped:thankfully, no
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:not that i remember
Ever been Drunk:yes (to the point of passing out)
Ever been called a Tease:yes (but he's wrong)
Ever been Beaten up:never
Ever Shoplifted:does a button count?
How do you want to Die:either quick and violently (just a flash of blinding light) or slow and painless (while listening to Sigur Ros)
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:an artist ^_^ (........ oh, wait, I think I am already grown up... bummer!)
What country would you most like to Visit:Spain
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:brown/black
Favourite Hair Color:brown/black/ um.... BLUE!
Short or Long Hair:short
Height:doesn't matter much
Weight:doesn't matter either
Best Clothing Style:relaxed (i really feel uncomfortable around fussy guys that dress better than I do)
Number of Drugs I have taken:2
Number of CDs I own:too many to count
Number of Piercings:doesn't matter
Number of Tattoos:doesn't matter either
Number of things in my Past I Regret:none to 1 ... I like someone who can see that our past makes us who we are.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mi rant personal

Sobre desastres naturales y aquellos relacionados a lo metereológico...

A seguir la cronología:

1) Eze fue a New York hace años ya. Algunos meses después sucedió el ataque terrorista al WTC (9/11)

2) Eze viajó a España no hace mucho ... al año más o menos sucedió el ataque terrorista en la estación de tren (4/11)

3) Eze viajó a New Orleans justo antes de ir a España (de hecho, New Orleans fue la escala donde se mantuvo por par de días por cuestiones de trabajo, antes de salir a Madrid) ... New Orleans se jodió ...

4) Eze está en Missouri ...

I fear for that very boring place ...

Estaré enamorada del Anticristo será, q anda dejando un trail de destrucción en cada sitio q toca?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 7, 1999


... if there were something to regret...